The Alt Pirineu Natural Park is the largest protected area in Catalonia. It is located in the counties of Alt Urgell and Pallars Sobirà, and stands out for its extensive trail network that allow us to discover its most remote valleys by following old cattle paths.

The park has a great diversity of protected fauna and flora species, some of them endemic, as well as a variety of landscapes from alpine areas to Mediterranean forests. It also has some of the largest natural elements in the territory, such as the Certascan glacial lake, which is the largest in the Pyrenees; as well as the Cigalera de l'Obaga de Baleran, one of the deepest cavities in Catalonia; or Pica de Estats, the highest peak in the Catalan territory.

Apart from its natural elements, the park stands out for its humanized mountains and the villages located in its valleys, which allow us to enjoy an interesting cultural and artistic heritage that still preserves ancestral traditions.

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