Ecotourism is a type of tourism focused on the enjoyment and appreciation of nature, emphasizing the preservation of the ecological balance regarding the environment where the activity is carried out, and thus promoting a minimum environmental impact, the conscious and rational use of natural resources, as well as the respect and sensitivity for the local community.

In Outdoor Adventour we lead you to discover the nature of the Pyrenees and its historical & cultural heritage thanks to our expert guides, always following the values of ecotourism when possible and offsetting the carbon footprint on local projects. You will learn about the local fauna of the Pyrenees: vultures, insects and big mammals such as the red deer and the brown bear; as well as the endemic flora, traditions and professions, and the most impressive landscapes of Aigüestortes National Park, Alt Pirineu Natural Park and Boumort National Reserve.

Ecoturismo Pirineos observación fauna


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