In Outdoor Adventour we offer several-day multiactivity trips for all types of families as well as for intrepid groups in the Pyrenees. 

Dare to go on a rafting descent in river Noguera Pallaresa, enjoy the spectacular environment of the Pyrenean canyons, pedal the land of the bear on an MTB, discover the humanized landscapes of the Pyrenean valleys on a horse, feel the adrenaline while going on an inflatable kayaking descent through Collegats Gorge, and gaze the Pyrenees from above while doing a via ferrata, among other possible options such as rock climbing, paragliding, kayak in calm waters, hot air balloon, canopying, hiking, e-bike routes...

There is no need to have previous experience in any discipline, only disposition and being eager of having fun, as we adapt every activity to all kinds of public. 


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