The Red Deer Rut in Boumort

  Duration: 6h

  Catalan Pyrenees, Nacional Reserve of Boumort

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The Red Deer Rut in Boumort

A beastly activity in one of the most unexplored and inhospitable areas of Catalonia, the Boumort National Reserve.

The day begins with a 4×4 route that will take us through the endless tracks of the reserve. During the day we will stop at a strategic fixed point from where we will try to spot deer specimens with the help of binoculars and a terrestrial telescope. Hopefully, we will be able to hear and observe the deer rut to attract the females. Later, we will go on a walking route to interpret the traces that the animals leave in the forest. The route can be more or less demanding depending on the physical conditions of each group.

A must see for wildlife lovers, which can only be enjoyed for a few days a year, from September to October, during the rutting season. The times where it is more likely and easier to enjoy the activity are during sunrise and sunset. This season tours are available on Saturday afternoon: 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Other days & timetables are offered on request. 

  • 4x4 transport to enter Boumort Reserve.
  • Guide services specialized in wild fauna.
  • Technical material to watch the fauna. 

  • Accommodation.
  • Transfers from/to the meeting point.
  • Meals.

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