Boumort Highlands, located in the westernmost Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, offers us a landscape with sub-Mediterranean and rocky forests, and includes different protected areas such as Boumort National Reserve and Orígens Geopark.

Its main attraction is the fauna that inhabits in it. There is a significant population of red deer, which can be seen all year long. However, the most spectacular moment is during the rut season, between mid-September and mid-October, when it is possible to enjoy the deer rut, an astonishing show in which male deer try to attract the females. Furthermore, the reserve stands out for being the only place in Europe where the four European species of vultures breed: griffon vulture, black vulture, bearded vulture and Egyptian vulture, making of this destination a highly attractive area for birdwatchers.

Tours around Nacional reserve of boumort

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